Is It Just Back Pain in Houston TX?

Is It Just Back Pain IN Houston TX?

Is It Just Back Pain in Houston TX?

If you've ever had back discomfort in Houston TX, you're in the majority. Back discomfort is common after heavy or uncomfortable lifting or a strenuous workout. A strained muscle will most likely heal itself after a few days of rest. If the pain isn't muscular, you've got a deeper issue, most likely spinal disc damage. A Houston TX chiropractor can help.

These injuries are common and unpleasant. Understanding the spine's structure, especially the disc, is critical to general spinal health. A herniated or thinning disc can be caused by degenerative diseases like arthritis.


Intervertebral discs are cushions between the vertebrae. It can be thought of as an encapsulating piece of cartilage with a soft gel-like core and a stronger shell with a ligamentous wall. They are linked to the vertebrae and function as a shock absorber and cushion to prevent friction. They not only protect against impact but also help keep the spine supple and robust.

Disc protrusion occurs when the gel in the disc's center begins to press outwards against the outer shell or ligamentous wall, although this wall has not yet been ruptured. Statistics show that over 60% of individuals have one or more bulging discs, yet they are asymptomatic, meaning they are not in pain. When the internal gel begins to rupture the outside ligamentous wall, the disc is herniated. A disc bulge or herniation can cause nerve irritation, inflammation, numbness, and frequently severe pain.

A ruptured disc occurs when the internal gel fully breaks through the disc's harder ligamentous wall. As the gel leaks, significant back discomfort and mobility restrictions might occur.

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